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AA Corner Garage

 1950s motorcycle, replaced by 4 wheeled vehicles in 1968. Since 2012 motorised cycles are used in congested cities for fast access.

 Village garage in the 1950s © Rothbury Cards. The yellow Pratts Motor Spirit sign dates from 1929-35, becoming Esso in 1936. MG is from Morris Garages in 1924. BP or British Petroleum origins date from 1908.

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Hazle Ceramics
1930s AA Corner Garage
Rare Altered Mould of 5: No 1/5
on Birmingham Garage
Michele & Hazle 2002. A mould is altered from inside working mould
UK petrol aka Motor Spirit 1890s - 1930s. Paraffin now in greenhouse heaters. Ethyl was a fuel additive
Automobile Association History
1907 first motor insurance policy
1912 star rated hotel inspections
1920 start roadside petrol pumps
1923 650 cyclist or motor patrols
1934 100,000 join AA, 1 in 3 cars
1950 membership hits 1 million
1968 AA branded motor patrols
2017 largest UK breakdown fleet,
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 AA logo as seen on the ceramic plus the Wings crest, circa 1950s.

 Built 1928, Colyford Filling Station in the 1950s © Rothbury Cards. Used in the 1930s by motorbiking Lawrence of Arabia, it closed for petrol in 2001. The Museum shut in 2011, with its contents sold in 2013.

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 Hazle’s AA garage would have served petrol or spirit in this way. In 2012 Shell began reintroducing free attendants who also check tyres and fluid levels.

 Mobile phones have made once prolific AA call boxes obsolete.

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