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The Bingo Club

The Cinema was No 10, last of the Hazle 2000 Series of 1900s icons from 1997-2001. Under the Comedy and Tragedy masks, Adelphi is inscribed as a more familiar name that means siblings. Prince’s was the ideal size to model but most images are lost. Interior photos of Smethwick’s other Art Deco Cinema, now protected, suggest how Prince’s looked inside. Many 1930s Art Deco Picture Houses became Bingo Halls.

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Hazle Ceramics
The Bingo Club
2002 Signing Special: 5 made
on Smethwick
Hazle 2000 Limited Edition

 On Smethwick High Street from 1912 and rebuilt in 1930 in Art Deco style above with white ceramic tiles and ornate glazing bars. In the apex, The Prince of Wales feathers is an heraldic badge. Closing in 1970, it was an Asian cinema 1971-81 with Bollywood films. This was demolished in 2008.

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 The screen or stage arch and central ceiling rose are Art Deco. Tables and stacked chairs are for bingo and banquets. The balcony’s edge is in the foreground.

 Marking a bingo card.

 Carved arches with seashells and a sunken, ceramic ceiling are all Art Deco. The balcony has tiered seating and a lit-up exit. A central staircase goes down to the hall below, with a cafe and bar under the balcony.

 2017 film of a Punjabi King and Queen Victoria echoes the cinema’s past.

 Rear bar under the balcony.

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