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The Best of the Bunch

From 1596 in Queen Elizabeth I’s reign, The Garrick Inn is still going strong, like HM Queen Elizabeth II! On the ceramic “Farmer George” is named as the longest King, George III 1561-1620, plus Queen Victoria 1837-1901, who is overtaken by The Queen as longest reigning monarch.

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Hazle Ceramics
The Best of the Bunch
Rare Altered Mould of 63
All painted by Hazle Boyles
on Stratford Garrick Inn
Originally cast 1991-2000

 Elizabeth became Queen at 26 on 6 February 1952. This portrait of Her Coronation on 2 June 1953 at Westminster Abbey was by the society photographer Cecil Beaton, a Royal favourite. © V&A Musuem

HM The Queen’s Longest Reign
On 9th Sep 2015 HM’s 63 year reign overtook Queen Victoria by one day.
On 13th Oct 2016 she was the world longest reigning living monarch after Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyade died. On 5th Feb 2017 it was the first UK Sapphire Jubilee reign of 65 years.

Renamed in the 1600s after the celebrated Shakesperean actor Sir David Garrick made Stratford, the playwright’s home, famous.


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 In the nursery rhyme the fyne lady who rides a white horse to Banbury Cross is Celia Fiennes. In the 1600s she rode through every county and kept a now famous journal.

 “Lilibet”, the name she gave herself and is known by family, at 3. TIME cover 29 April 1929.

 Working on Government red “boxes”, this official “longest reign” photo was suggested and taken by Mary McCartney, a daughter of former Beatle Sir Paul.

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