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The Body Shop

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 First shop in Kensington Gardens, Brighton 1976. Two funeral parlours either side wanted a name change but backed off when Anita told the local paper and got a centre page spread!

 Urine sample bottles were the cheapest Anita could find! Filling clients’ bottles was an early form of recycling. This logo cost £25.

Anita Roddick DBE 1942-2007
Making the first 25 lines in her kitchen, by 1986 she was a Queen of Green backing world wide ethical causes. In 1989 Bath University consulted her for an MSc in Responsibility & Business Practice. From 1990 The Body Shop Foundation funded small innovative charities and in 1991 launched the Big Issue paper for the homeless. Made Dame Anita in 2003 and with many global awards, she sold to L’Oreal in 2006 “to be a Trojan Horse inside” but died the next year at 64. In 2013 the EU banned cosmetics animal testing, Anita’s pet project.

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Hazle Ceramics
The Body Shop
Limited Painting of 30
on Upton upon Severn
with roof spike removed on
every piece for a softer look

£79.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 An old favourite, Body Butter in a tin contains volcanic minerals not parabens and aluminium salts.

 The Body Shop Foundation is now funded by Community Fair Trade “Dragon Fruit Lip Butter” sold in 2,500 global Body Shops with local staff picking the worthy projects.

 Anita in 1980s store. Husband Gordon went horse riding abroad for two years so she began the business to earn an income for her family.

 Later shops were dark green as above. The most recent are darker.

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