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Boots the Chemist

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 Back lit by gas lamps, carboys of bright liquids were chemists’ symbols, The Book of Shops 1899.

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The Market Bar has leased 16 Goosegate since 2001. As a listed building the old frontage should be underneath. Jesse moved here in 1877 and soon expanded to Nos 18-20 next door, having the green cast-iron frontage built in 1882.

Part of Hazle’s 2000 series, this ended in 2005 and the LP5 is on bisques found in 2008. Unlike the blue original, it is all hand painted. There are LP5 certificates but no LE numbers. Farm worker John Boot learned herbalism from his father and got the doctors’ monopoly on dispensing removed. Son Jesse took over in 1877 and created the chemist chain. Below is antique glass plus mustard bath and footbath salts as existed in that era.

Hazle Ceramics
Boots the Chemist
Rare Prototype & No 1 of LP5
on Nottingham

The green hue is from the top right Boots cast-iron frontage. The hand painted wndows differ from the blue “1950s” LE2000. The other 4 Nos have a “Boots” name, but no “The Chemist“

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 Original No 6 Goosegate today. John Boot opened here in 1849 and after his death in 1860 his wife Mary took over. Then aged 10, son Jesse helped in the store.

 Selection of products such as found in an 1800s apothecary or chemist.

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