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Caley’s Ascot Hats

The Caley’s Ascot Hats title appears on the ceramic certificate and box. Near Windsor, the racecourse in the small town of Ascot holds a famed Royal Ascot week each June. The Queen is the only reigning monarch to have won the top Gold Cup - with her horse Estimate in 2013. Her elaborate hat is the type that Caley’s would have offered and displayed in their windows for such events!

Caleys of Windsor
Caleys was painted for a Hazle Event at Talents of Windsor in 2004. In October 1813 there was an advertisement in the Windsor Express newspaper for an “M Caley”. This was likely Maria Caley, a 16 year old milliner and dressmaker who was joining her sister Charlotte and silk mercer brother John in new premises on Castle Hill by Windsor Castle. “Since 1813” is on the ceramic. In 1820 John married Mary Goodman who had held a Royal Warrant from Queen Charlotte until the latter died in 1818. In 1826 Maria married Mary’s brother, silk mercer William. In 1832 both ladies advertised separately in the Windsor Express. Mary held the Royal Warrant, then for Queen Adelaide. By 1851 Maria’s one and Mary’s two sons were trading as Caley Brothers, now under Queen Victoria’s patronage.

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Hazle Ceramics
Caley’s Ascot Hats
Open Numbered Painting of 22
Rare Special on London Prospect
With 22ct gold highlights

£145 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 “Silk Mercers, Linen Drapers and Lacemen” on this 1884 bill header in Queen Victoria’s era.

 On Windsor High Street from 1831, Caley’s four painted fronts including the yellow one on the ceramic are from July 2006 shortly before it closed down. One of Selfridges Provincial Stores in 1919, it was taken by the John Lewis Partnership in 1940. Too small for their full range, by 2005 Caleys was making a loss. Left, Royal Arms for HM The Queen and the late Queen Mother. Right, red bandsmen are on the morning Changing of the Guard from Windsor Castle, repeated each afternoon.

 Hat and scarf - one of two bonnets made and quite likely worn by Queen Victoria, now in the John Lewis Archives.

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