A Piece of Britain - award winning heritage by Hazle Ceramics
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London 1
London 2
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China Town

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Catch-a-Mouse Inn

The Dick Whittington Legend
Orphan Dick goes to London where streets are “paved with gold”, becoming a kitchen boy at Mr Fitzwarren’s. He buys a cat for a penny from shoe shining. His master’s ship is ready to sail and a sad Dick donates his beloved cat for the voyage. He then runs away from the cruel cook. But the Bow Bells seem to ring out, “Turn again Whittington, thrice Lord Mayor of London”. When Dick goes back the ship has returned, with riches from the King of Barbary whose palace was rid of rats by his cat. Dick has his cat again. He marries daughter Alice Fitzwarren and is Lord Mayor thrice.

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Hazle Ceramics
Limited Painting 20
on London Tavern
20th Anniversary

£79.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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