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Bakery at The Chantry

 Ravens bake artisan breads and more at Billericay and Ingatestone in Essex.

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Hazle Ceramics
Bakery at The Chantry
on Billericay

This was once the home of Christopher Martin, the treasurer, provisioner and passenger governor of The Mayflower for half of the 66 day voyage in 1620.More Essex pilgrims likely met here to say goodbyes and pray on the last night.

The Mayflower 400 Anniversary 2020
No 1/LP10 only 1 with terracotta wall
Very rare model: fewer than 100 cast
All the other ceramics had white walls

 This Indian restaurant is at 61 High Street in Billericay near Hazle. From 1367 the chapel inside was a Chantry House where Catholic priests sang masses for the dead. A chantry was a monetary trust for this purpose. These ended in 1547 after the Protestant Reformation of King Henry VIII. Rebuilt in 1510 not 1501 as above, the building was almost exported to the US in 1920!

£89.50 Worldwide
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 Ravens picnic for two with quiches, sandwiches, sponge cake and cream tea.

 A Ravens iced Belgian bun.

 Pilgrim Fathers offer flatbread or pancakes to the local people, probably cooked on the open fire.

 Ravens glazed batch rolls fresh from an oven.

 A few of this building’s many old beams in the Kosthuree restaurant.

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