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The Corner Grocer

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 Three storeys, the high shop front with its long fascia and the roof with dentil moulding below all resemble Hazle’s version. Semi-derelict here, it may no longer exist sadly like much of Old Birmingham.

 This redbrick “Open All Hours” from the late 1950s by Rothbury cards has much in common with Hazle’s, including the tall shop windows, advertising boards and goods outside. The red floor tiles continue below.

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Hazle Ceramics
The Corner Grocer
Limited Edition of 2000
on Birmingham Grocer
Hazle 2000 Millennium Series
Hazle loves cats and modelled two!
One retired ceramic as shown above

This ceramic was issued in 1997 as the first one in the Hazle 2000 series of iconic stores. Reminding many of a local childhood corner shop, the edition sold out within a year. Authentic images of 1950s advertising posters include Robin Starch, Harpic Toilet Cleaner, Brasso Polish and Walls Icecream, with Typhoo tea and Hovis bread in the shop window.

£79.50 Worldwide
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 This Victorian shop on Nansen and Tarry Road in Saltley, N E Birmingham has altered greatly and it is hard to believe that a dark, grainy 1950s photo was partly used by Hazle! The wall is rendered and the top window gone. The wrap-around shopfront is missing, with all frontage lower and modern. Only the steps and roof dentil moulding are still there.

 This poster is not on the piece but the cigarette brand was likely sold inside, being very popular in the UK from the late 1800s to early 1900s. It was later made in the US. Called Hero, the sailor wears a Navy Cut cap. The brand was discontinued in the UK in 2016.

 Another Rothbury picture with the counter service that was the British norm in the 1950s. Fresh cakes in the foreground have been bought in as the local bakery has closed, which happened in Marilyn’s village.

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