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Crown Communication

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One of the inventors of the mechanical TV, Scottish engineer John Logie Baird showed a working one in January 1926, widely deemed to be the first demo. Queen Elizabeth II was born in April that year and her long life and reign have been viewed worldwide like none before. Most Royal events are now televised enabling vastly more people to enjoy them.

 Attenborough is Santa in 1994.

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Hazle Ceramics
Crown Communication
50 issued at Signings in 2003 for The Queen’s 50 Year Reign
on Upminster LE2000
In 2001 for Millennium Series Modelled flags & 1950s people
With Added 22 carat gold

 This model is loosely based on 171 St Mary’s Lane at Upminster in Essex. From 1930, it is the only building here that still has a Dutch gable. In 1953 this actual shop sold the latest in audio-visual equipment.Many people bought their first TV to watch The Queen’s Coronation.

 In 1953 The Queen decided The Coronation would be fully televised for the first time. Only The Annointing with oil was not seen. Wearing St Edward’s Crown The Queen holds the mace and sceptre, with The Archbishop of Canterbury left and the Dean of Westminster.

£95.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 The Royal Family enjoy the Red Arrows flypast from Buckingham Palace balcony after The Trooping of the Colour at Whitehall in 2016. Princess Charlotte is seen in public for the first time since her birth in 2015.

 Memoirs of John Logie Baird, inventor of the first TV system and another with natural colours from 1928.

 Early RCA colour TV in 1954. By the mid 60s most shows were made in colour so colour sets sold better.

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