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The Dairy & Barber AP

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 The two shops in situ on Thames Street. Windsor Castle is right opposite with part of its wall casting a foreground shadow here.

These two shops were here for 50 years from the early 1900s, including when The Queen lived in Windsor as a child. Today the Royal Farms can supply the town with dairy products as well as Windsor Castle.

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Hazle Ceramics
Dairy & Barber Prototype
on Windsor Thames Street
One-Off AP by Hazle & Chris McAllister
Crisp, well-defined modelling including the gorgeous Flemish Bond brickwork. With two unique shop windows, upper blinds and only one red barber’s pole.

 Two 1700s buildings that “fold”, with English bond brickwork left at No 20 and Flemish Bond at No 21. The only straight lines are in the replacement windows! By the time Hazle modelled this in 2002, Fudge Kitchen and Coffea were side by side and still are in 2018.

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 Barber by F D Bedford, Book of Shops, 1899. The Royal barbers Trumpers in London still offer services that include wet shaving.

 This former Royal Dairy once supplied Windsor Castle and all the other Royal homes nearby. The light and airy Royal Farms shop and cafe now in Windsor sells dairy products, baked and fresh, seasonal foods for all. 

 Early 1900s scene with unisex hairdressing in the left building.

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