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The Farmshop

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Hazle Ceramics
The Farmshop
Rare: Limited Painting of 10
on Epping 1997-2001
Altered Mould with Pet Shop Items
This store may make them as a sideline!
Painted by Sharon Stroud for a 2003 Signing
on bisques newly discovered in the Workshop

 1600s farmhouse on Epping High Street. Fashion chain Fat Face with Monday market stall in front, 2007.

£125 Worldwide
With Free Postage

 The central flag with a crown and the words “God Save The Queen” dates this A E Batchelor photo to The Coronation in 1953. In the 1930s Batchelors bought the Shoe Shop and Master Saddlers above. The latter moved to a converted barn in 2005, another way for farms to diversify income!

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 The UK climate is good for apples.

 Farmshops are on the increase as farms seek to diversify their sources of income due to financial pressures. They may sell premium deli products such as chutneys, preserves, cheeses wines and juices, either made at the farm or of known local provenance.

 Fresh produce from the farm or locally sourced is sought after, including organic.

 Ever popular freshly baked bread.

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