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Fish ‘n’ Chips

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 Deep Blue fish from Barents Sea off Norway, the North Atlantic off Iceland, the Faroe Islands and nothing from the badly-managed North Sea.

Hazle Ceramics
Fish ‘n’ Chips
Only 5 Pieces Painted
on Pateley Bridge 2
This model has a plain plaster or stucco wall, a simpler shop front and a right door. The bricks or quoins on the right side are from another store.

After 20 years the master mould for the first Fish & Chips developed a fault in 2009. Hazle called it a day! After only 5 paintings, this was replaced by the now retired Colmans’ model. So Fish & Chips no longer exists. The Deep Blue chain from South England uses sustainable fish.

 Hazle has the first floor bay window sitting on the shop frontage for both Pateley models but PB2 is simpler.

£79.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 The UK’s first 70% recycled boxes.

 These Maris Piper potatoes are growing in the flat Cambridgeshire fens for Deep Blue. They make and deep fry freshly prepared chips every day.

 A Deep Blue takeaway plus cafe.

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