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Flanagan’s Irish Pub

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 Dark mahogany panelling and furniture in Flanagan’s is similar to The Red Lion’s.

Hazle Ceramics
on London Red Lion
Cast 1991-2000
Irish shamrock is on Live Music sign. Irish pub names are rarer and also include Mulligans and Murphy’s. The later has a Closing Down version too.

 2 Duke of York Street SW1. The heraldic lion is upright or “rampant”!

This page has features from the Red Lion model and Flanagan’s at Battersea, both in London. In 2014 the Irish presenter and comedian Paul O’Grady filmed two episodes of his popular TV series, “For The Love of Dogs” at Flanagan’s, near the world-famous Battersea Dogs Home.

£55.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage


 Red Lion fleur-de-lys etched glass.

 Main bar of The Red Lion. Built in 1821, this spectacular CAMRA Historic Pub Interior has very well-preserved Victorian mahogany and decorative glass.

 Flanagan’s exterior in Battersea.

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