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Vintage Green Florist

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Hazle introduced the Florist model in 1990, her first year of Hazle Ceramics. As shown right, she used the real florist Talking Flowers as a starting point. But as was common back then, she depicted elements from other buildings in the town. Hazle’s early florists were often painted with a two-tone trim but a single colour was more prevalent later.

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Hazle Ceramics
Early Vintage
Green Florist
on Maldon

Rare vintage piece with two-tone green trim. Front signed by Hazle Boyles 1990-1992 only.

 This Edwardian High Street store has a lovely upper bay window. Hazle also used the rounded shop front. Images on the bottom left show the pitched roof dormer window and glazing bars that are taken from other Maldon buildings.

£59.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

 The florist on which Hazle based her model is near the top of Maldon High Street. These charming period buildings are just beyond it.

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This ancient port and market town on Essex’s east coast has many visitors. The last Thames sailing barges are moored here, for education and as day or charter craft. The place is full of small, traditional or unusual shops, naturally including a florist! All Saints’ Parish Church has a memorial window to George Washington whose ancestor Lawrence is buried outside. It is also famous for Maldon Sea Salt, made since 1882.

 The Quay with St Mary the Virgin Church. Right, Thames sailing barges once took hay and straw to London for the thousands of horses used in transport.

 For details, see caption above right.

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