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The Gift Box

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 Since 1876 Heffers has offered books, art, music, board games and posters in Cambridge. Now owned by publisher Blackwells, everything, including Heffers’ Sound with the wood front, is in one huge space at 20 Trinity Street above.

Issued in 1993, this second version of the Cambridge model was mainly portrayed as The Old Bookshop and The Gift Shop. For Christmas 1993 and 1994 only, Hazle painted a few as The Gift Box. Virtually all the shop fronts for these were a yellowy cream hue.

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Hazle Ceramics
The Gift Box
on Cambridge Trinity 2
Hazle painted a few with this title and these windows, only for Christmas 1993 and 1994
RARE: believed to be the only ceramic with a green frontage

 30 Trinity Street, Cambridge. This listed Georgian building has a Gothic Revival frontage from c1740. Hazle’s first model in 1991 had the left door too. Prone to cracking in the kiln due to its width, Hazle redesigned it in 1993. Heffers’ Children’s Bookshop, the occupier in 1991, is now at No 20.

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With Free Postage

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 30 Trinity Street is just visible near right. Both in the distance and the photo right is the Gate Tower to Cambridge University’s famous Trinity College. Alumni include Prince Charles, Lord Byron and many Nobel Prize winners. 

 Ceramic windows are shown in the classic red and green of Christmas.

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