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Honiton Lace

 Queen Victoria’s wedding, Hayter 1840, at the Chapel Royal, St James Palace, 10 February 1840.

 Queen Victoria in bridal robes, Winterhalter 1847, given to Albert on their anniversary. The sapphire brooch above was his wedding gift.

TV antiques presenter Eric Knowles spoke at Hazle’s 15th Anniversary in 2005 in Windsor and also met collectors. Most Event pieces were on Art Nouveau and Art Deco themes. As Eric likes Victoriana too, Marilyn recalled a shop from her Devon childhood where the lace for Queen Victoria’s wedding dress was made.

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Hazle Ceramics
Honiton Lace
Artist’s Prototype for LP20
22ct gold: title, door, windows
on Bath Abbey Green
15th Anniversary 2005
Only white cat; different flowers Honiton Lace Royal christening robes made in 1841 and 2008

 Bobbins are used in Honiton Lace, with each separate fine silk and hand worked motif sewn into a net ground.

£110 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Paradise Dolls pattern, with a replica of Victoria’s dress seen at a Kensington Palace Show, as studied by painter Sharon Stroud. The Honiton Lace overskirt is on the lower two thirds.

 After Prince Albert’s early death aged 42 in 1861, Victoria wore black until she died in 1901. Above on her Diamond Jubilee in 1897 The Queen wore her wedding veil and overskirt, as she sometimes did, and asked to be buried with the veil over her face.

 Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes star in ITV’s “Victoria” series. Copies of The Queen’s Honiton Lace veil, bodice and sleeve trim are above. The actual dress was in Spitalfields satin silk. Both fabrics were chosen to boost British industry.

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