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Jubilee Bed & Breakfast

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Portsmouth has a Royal Navy base and a great Historic Dockyard. The ceramic’s naval flags say, “60 Glorious Years God Bless You Ma’am”. The bicentennial of Charles Dickens’ birth is also in 2012. His authentically restored birthplace is in the old Portsmouth area too, like this B&B. Visitors to both attractions may well stay here! Chefs Rosemary Hune and Constance Spry’s Coronation Chicken, created for The Queen’s Coronation, was called the first TV dinner as many purchased0 their first set to watch that! It is still a popular dish.

 Hazle used features from these terraced houses, which date from the late 1700s to early 1800s. In the middle 51 St Thomas’s Street is most like the model, with its two shallow bow windows and frieze mouldings. No 50 on the left has a triangular porch. No 52 on the right has a loft window with hipped roof.

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Hazle Ceramics
Jubilee B & B
Shared Painting of 60 with
Yellow & Green Paintways
on Portsmouth
With message on naval
flags as per introduction

 In this Coronation Chicken meat is under the curried cream sauce - rather than inside. Will the B&B serve it for the Diamond Jubilee?

Jubilee High Street 2012

Charles Dickens 1812-2012
Dickens was born in Portsmouth, where his father John was a clerk in the Royal Navy Pay Office. In Dickens’ novel David Copperfield, always hopeful Wilkins Micawber was based on John and both spent time in debtors’ prisons. In the Nicholas Nickleby novel, Nicholas and Smike walk down from London to Portsmouth to join the navy... Sharing lodgings with theatrical troupe owner Mr Crummles, he gives them work instead. They all live off mutton and onion sauce in St Thomas’s Street, the very same location of this ceramic!

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 Coronation Chicken in these vol-au-vents is one of many modern versions.

 HMS Victory in Historic Dockyard. Admiral Lord Nelson died on board at Cape Trafalgar, Spain but he stopped Napoleon invading Britain.

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