A Piece of Britain - award winning heritage by Hazle Ceramics
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Keyboard Friends

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£125 Worldwide
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Hazle Ceramics
Keyboard Friends
13/19 with 22ct gold
on London Old Curiosity

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At one time access to Signing Specials was only open to those able to visit the participating UK stores, frustrating overseas collectors. The eGroup began in 2003 and hosted three Cyber Signings in 2004, 2005 and 2009 that included this ceramic. Now all collectors can buy most Hazle Ceramics on the web.

 The British scientist Sir Tim Berners-Lee invented the Web at CERN in 1989, opening it to new users in 1991. In 1993 CERN put the WWW software in the public domain.

 Central London’s oldest store, dated 1567 and built of old ships’ wood, is a rare survivor of London’s Great Fire in 1666 and World War Two bombs. The Dickens Museum, where Charles once lived, is nearby and he would have known this building in Portsmouth Street when it was part of Care Market. Currently shoes are both hand made and sold here. Ring the bell to get in!

 From the relatively ancient Curiousity Shop to Songdo in South Korea described as,“the world’s first smart city”.

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