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The Kitchen Shop

 World Heritage Sidmouth on Jurassic Coast.

From 2002 and based on Gliddons Cookware, one of Sidmouth’s 1800s stores still in the same family! It gives great baking advice. A sign of the times, there are Celebrity Chef demos in the ceramic’s first floor restaurant.

 1887 building in Market Place with original Victorian lamp left.

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Hazle Ceramics
The Kitchen Shop
on Sidmouth

£49.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Marilyn recalls that Gliddons Hardware here in the 1950s had much more outside than above!

 Sold by Gliddons, Bundt’s Christmas Trees baking mould is a favourite of TV chef Nigella.

 An 1809 department store!

Sidmouth Folk Week
An international event that is held each August for all, with singing and dancing on the seafront and in parks and streets. Displays for the “Britain in Bloom” contest during that week are arranged by Hazle fan and hotelier Joy Seward.

 Fresh fish is sold close to the fishing boats, in the Market Place and direct to local hotels.

 Morris dancers by Fields in Market Place.

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