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Issued in 1999 and completed in 2005 this is part of Hazle’s Millennium series with ten ceramics in Limited Editions of 2000 showing iconic High Street developments of the 20th century. Permission had to be obtained to use company names and logos. Like the original right, the cast-iron front displays an old 1d (one penny) coin. Some pieces have a clock here.

 In 1903 M&S opened at 61 Lime Street, Liverpool. In 1906 it was the top-selling store! The open shop front was shuttered at night. Hazle made her model from this single photo in the M&S Archive. There is now a modern M&S in Church Street.

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 1884 - the first open stall at Leeds in snow. After a sales girl died of pneumonia, Marks moved to indoor markets. He provided platforms to protect feet from the cold and gave girls food and Christmas presents.

Hazle Ceramics
Marks & Spencer
Limited Edition of 2000
on Liverpool M&S

£110 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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M&S History
Trading from a pedlar’s tray in 1882, Michael Marks began the Leeds stall in 1884 and soon permanent sites too. In 1894 Tom Spencer became partner in the new M&S. By 1907 both had died and son Simon Marks created the modern business. Since 1999 image makeovers and new products have partly revived ailing profits. Green sustainability and Fairtrade are the most recent focus.

 Liverpool’s Pier Head, from 2,500+ listed buildings. Only London has more. With an 800th birthday in 2007, it was a European Capital of Culture in 2008. A major port of the old British Empire, Liverpool also has six UNESCO World Heritage sites. There is a John Lennon airport and The Beatles are still its greatest export!

 Hazle (left) with the manager and new model at Brentwood M&S in 1999.

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