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Marks & Spencer

 The first open stall in snow at Leeds in 1884.

From a pedlar’s tray in 1882, Polish refugee Michael Marks began the Leeds stall in 1884. He moved to indoor markets after a sales girl died of pneumonia. In 1894 Tom Spencer became a partner. From 1907 son Simon Marks was the first to buy direct from UK makers, cutting costs and specifying products.

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 In 1903 M&S opened at 61 Lime Street, Liverpool. In 1906 it was the top store! The open front was shuttered at night. Hazle’s model is based on this Archive image with cast-iron front and penny coin - then the cost of all items!

Hazle Ceramics
Marks & Spencer
Limited Edition of 2000
on Liverpool M&S

£110 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Hazle (left) with the manager and new model at Brentwood M&S in 1999.

 Lovely graphics on a Book of Needles c1903-1920

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