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Marks & Spencer

From a pedlar’s tray in 1882, Polish refugee Michael Marks had a Leeds open stall in 1884. A sales girl died of pneumonia so he moved to indoor Kirkgate Market in 1894. The same year Tom Spencer, with accountancy skills, became Marks’ partner. Son Simon Marks was the first retailer to go direct to UK makers from 1907.

 M&S at 61 Lime Street in Liverpool, 1903. Hazle’s model is based on this archive image. The open cast-iron front seen above was shuttered at night. It was the top store in 1906!

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Hazle Ceramics
Marks & Spencer
LE2000: only 2 green fronts Unique hand lettering & clock
on Liverpool M&S
With added 22 carat gold

 Marks’ initial open stall in the snow at Leeds in 1884.

£75.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 The smallest and the longest lasting M&S in the world has been here at Newcastle’s Grainger Market from 1895.

 Hazle, left, with the model and Brentwood manager, 1999.

 Side of Grainger in 2016.

 Victorian-style stall since 2013 at the original Leeds’ Kirkgate Market with sweets, cards, mugs and history.

 Nostalgic graphics on a Book of Needles c1903-1920. This is one of over 70,000 artefacts in the M&S Archive.

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