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The Mayflower Pub

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 Some Mayflower furniture ressembles The Tavern’s.

Painted by Iona in 2005, this page features the pub at Rotherhithe in SE London. The Shippe Inn was on the site below c1550. In 1620 The Mayflower set sail from here with local part-owner Captain Christopher Jones and 65 pilgrims on the first leg of its trip to America. By c1790 the inn was rebuilt as The Spread Eagle & Crown, one of few pubs acting as Post Offices and selling both US and UK stamps! Mentioned in two Dickens’ books, it was re-named The Mayflower in 1956.

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Hazle Ceramics
Mayflower Pub
Only No 1 available
Limited Painting of 50
on London Tavern

 On the other side of Fleet Street 1549-1887, the interior went to the new Cock Tavern at No 22 in 1888.

£105 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 117 Rotherhithe Street. t The 1991 local sculpture left has a Pilgrim Father “ghost” looking at the boy’s 1930s Sunbeam Weekly, with details of the US from that era!

 Backing onto the River Thames, this jetty can get wet at high tide!

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