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The Mousetrap

 The 60th Anniversary Show in 2012. Set in a snowstorm at a remote guest house, this is not a whodunnit where a detective solves the case and reveals the remaining plot secrets. The killer’s identity is revealed in a twist at the end that audiences are asked to keep secret.

 25,000 show in 2012. Back right: Miranda Hart (Call the Midwife), Sir Patrick Stewart (Star Trek) and Hugh Bonneville (Downton).

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Hazle Ceramics
The Mousetrap
Limited Painting of 50
on London Croydon
Illustratrated by Chris McAllister
The actual building showed silent films until 1929 so is appropriate!

This world’s longest running show started in 1947 as Three Blind Mice, a short radio play. Agatha Christie based her storyline on the real-life death of a foster boy in 1945. In 1952 she predicted her rewritten and renamed play would only last 8 months!

£75.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 The play opened on 25th November 1952 starring Richard Attenborough and his real-life wife Sheila Sim. His death in 2014 inspired this ceramic.

 Moving to London’s St Martin’s Theatre in 1974, this is a 2006 photo.

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