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Old Curiosity Shop

The model was issued in 1999 and retired in 2005. Shop windows are full of Victorian items including a penny farthing cycle, globe, grandfather clock and a phonograph, plus a medieval suit of armour.

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Hazle Ceramics
The Old Curiosity Shop
LP30 fully hand painted for Dickens’ House Event 2003 with Cedric Charles Dickens
on London Old Curiosity
Painted gold & “damp marks”!

£85.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Grandfather loses everything at cards.

 Little Nell in the shop.

The Old Curiosity Shop
Published by instalments 1840-41 in Dickens’ own magazine “Master Humphrey’s Clock”, weekly issues increased to 100,000! Nell Trent’s grandfather borrows money from villain Daniel Quilp to play cards, to support Nell and himself. But all his possessions are lost, including The Curiosity Shop where he and Little Nell also lived. Attempting to evade Quilp they wander north of London, meeting many people in their search for work. Exhausted from travel and lack of food, Nell eventually dies in the small village that Dickens identifed as Tong in Shropshire. Many had begged him to spare her! The final instalment arrived in New York by ship with huge crowds gathered at the pier shouting out, “Is Little Nell dead?”

 Dating from 1567, this very rare survivor of London’s 1666 Great Fire is protected by a preservation order. Dickens lived nearby and often passed this oldest shop in central Portsmouth Street. It was then a part of Care Market that sold fresh food. A modern antique shop above, the store currently sells shoes hand made on the premises. The door says Closed to deter Dickens’ fans but ring the bell for shoes and they might let you in!

 Living with Mrs Jarley in her gypsy caravan while Nell was in her waxwork show, until Grandfather stole money.

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