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Painswick Post Office

 Left: Painswick Parish Church steeple soars above the glorious Cotswolds. Right: This Post Office had the rare distinction of its own 26p postage stamp.

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Hazle Ceramics
Painswick Post Office
on Painswick
Only cast 1998-2001
The small, red Fire Insurance plaque above right is from when fire brigades only helped insured properties, now a thing of the past!

Painswick stands on a hill in the Stroud district of Gloucestershire. Its narrow streets and traditional architecture of locally quarried Cotswolds stone make it a quintessential English village. This stone and wood building from 1428 may once have been a Toll House for road usage charges. The inglenook fireplace and decorated ceilings are retained inside. It was a Post Office from 1933-2013, reputedly the oldest building to house one. In 2015 a postal outreach service began in the Town Hall for two days a week.

£55.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage


 Several of the famous clipped yews in Saint Mary’s Churchyard date back over 200 years. A legend says there can never be more than 99 trees and should a 100th grow the Devil would pull it out! Various counts have indicated 100 or more yews but there never seems to be agreement on the exact number...

 While still a Post Office the two shop windows were full of small gift items such as toys, books, toiletries, photo frames, confectionery and greetings cards. The house was once linked inside with the smaller Beehive on the left.

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