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A Pet is for Life

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 This 1600s former farmhouse on Epping High Street has much of its interior intact. With a Monday market stall in front, in 2007 above it was unisex fashion chain Fat Face.

Hazle Ceramics
A Pet is For Life
Limited Painting of 800
on Epping (cast 1997-2001)
Altered Mould with Pet Shop Items
Added Xmas Trees, Bushes & Snow
Rare: one all hand painted version by Hazle Outer window frames were pink so this is likely the only ceramic to have green frames.
Pet owners have Christmas drinks. The Dogs’ Trust slogan A Pet is For Life is from 1978

 The central flag with a crown and the words “God Save The Queen” dates this A E Batchelor photo to The Coronation in 1953. On the wall sign, K Shoes began in Kendal in 1865. Trading in Epping since 1919, in the mid-1930s Batchelors bought Baileys’ Saddlers above adding in products such as outdoor clothing and sportswear.

£75.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 The shop closed in 2005. Now the saddlery is run in a barn by Anthony Batchelor, grandson of founder Alf.

 Small animals that are popular pets.

 Batchelor’s of Epping name lives on.

 Pet foods with many small accessories.

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