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Reclamation Centre

Issued in 2001 based on an 1890 building from Birmingham. For the final Roding Arts Signing in 2007, until then this Corner Garage had only been painted as a garage. The 1950s petrol pumps are shown as rusting collectables here!

 Top section of carved church lectern. Eagles symbolise divine inspiration, Christ’s Resurrection and also St John and his Gospel.

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Hazle Ceramics
Reclamation Centre
Limited Painting of 30
on Birmingham Garage LE2000 issued from 2001
Hazle’s Millennium Series
One of only two non-Garage Limited Paintings on model that was first issued in 2007

 Cast iron fire with Art Nouveau tiles.

 Art Nouveau stained glass.

£89.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Vintage enamel sign. Right, a 1950s restored petrol pump that costs £500!

 A nostalgic 1940-50s garage. Shell started reintroducing free pump attendants in 2012, who will also check tyre pressures and fluid levels as required. This internet company offers classic cars and motoring artefacts.

 Cast iron spiral staircase that may cost less to buy reclaimed.

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