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Roomes Store

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 Two family department stores at Upminster in Essex, near Hazle Ceramics and well known to Hazle’s staff! These upper floors have 1930s Art Deco ceramic tiles.

Hazle Ceramics
Roomes Store
One-Off Special Painting
on Smethwick
Hazle 2000 Limited Edition
In 2002 by Head Paintress Chris McAllister, ‘Roomes Sample’ is on the box label. 1/1 is on the back with Hazle’s signature, both gold. The high level of intricate painting made it difficult to produce more.

A Potted Roomes History
In Hazle’s early years Roomes sold her ceramics. Their shop wasn’t painted then! In 1888 James Roome opened a general store in Upton Park. By 1927 Roomes sold Fashion & Homewares plus Furniture in Upminster, split over two shops in 2017. Art Deco items here match the model but are not likely to be in Roomes now...

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 Art Deco cabinet with multiple uses.

 Santa arriving by sleigh in 1994 at G F Cole.

 Ideal for the model, this 1927 building with a curving fascia inspired Chris - without the red sign!

 Gorgeous, mirrored table in the Art Deco rectilinear style.

 Cabinet on a parquet floor in a curvilinear Art Deco style.

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