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Saunders Bakery & Teas

 Confectioner & Tearooms in The Book of Shops 1899.

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Hazle Ceramics
Saunders Bakery
Limited Painting of 20
on Canterbury Bakery

When Hazle modelled 50 St Peter Street in the mid 1990s it was still Saunders, as it had been for over 100 years. A bakery and confectioner, Saunders also served lunches and teas. Photographing and mono printing local views was another enterprise, including the sepia card below. Hazle recreated much of the building from the photo, plus the items in the window for this painting.

 Saunders as it was in late 1900s. There is a central door now instead of two side ones. Modelled flower boxes appear on the second floor of the ceramic rather than the first.

20th Anniversary 2010
All Painted by Hazle

£65.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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The original bakehouse dates to the 1200s. King Charles II is said to have breakfasted here in 1664. Westgate off St Peter’s Street was the main entry. So other monarchs could have visited this bakery!

 Saunders sold Rowntree goods. The Kings are likely to have been Edward VII, George V and George VI.
 The first Mr Saunders outside No 50 circa 1899.

 This traditional Victorian bread oven is fired by coal.

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