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Saunders Bakery & Cafe

When Hazle modelled 50 St Peter Street it was still Saunders, as it had been for over 100 years. A bakery and confectioner’s, Saunders also served luncheons and teas. The window’s triticumina bread from specially malted wheatflour had double the soluble carbohydrate - as noted by the British Medical Journal in 1893! The photography and mono printing of local scenes was yet another enterprise, including the 1899 postcard below.

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 Saunders earlier in the 20th century, partly used as inspiration for these pieces.There is a central door now, instead of the two side ones.
 Victorian Confectioner & Tearooms by F D Bedford in The Book of Shops, 1899.

Hazle Ceramics
Limited Painting of 20
Light Green
on Canterbury Bakery

20th Anniversary 2010
All Painted by Hazle

£89.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

History at No 50
Like many other sites in the city, the rear yards here were excavated in 1987. Remains of a 1700s bakehouse bombed in World War II were found, together with evidence of bread ovens plus a fleur-de-lys tile from the 1200s. As King Charles II is said to have breakfasted here in 1664, it seems to have a long history as a bakery and eatery. Now a second-hand dress shop, we hope this store can re-discover its former destiny in the very near future...

 Old Rowntree’s of York confectionery is visible in the window display of this sepia postcard from 1899.
 Mr Saunders himself is outside No 50 in 1899.

 A traditional coal-fired Victorian bread oven.

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