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Strand Station

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A Tube Station got top votes in three collector surveys for new pieces! This terminus of a short branch from Holborn on the Piccadilly line is the best size for a ceramic. It was renamed Aldwych in 1917 when Strand became the Northern line stop at Charing Cross Underground. It closed in 1994 as the daily number of passengers did not justify the very high cost of installing a new lift. Information given on the notice boards may vary.

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Hazle Ceramics
Strand Station
Heritage Miniature

20th Anniversary 2010
Painted by Hazle

£34.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Atmospheric photo circa 1980s. Umbrella and light reflections in the rain puddle are shown on the piece.

Fascinating Facts
The very well-preserved interior has made Aldwych popular for TV, films and tube design work. The track is in good order and in 2002 a 1938 train was used for filming, instead of the permanent 1972 tube train. From 1940 in the war, the Elgin Marbles and other British Museum treasures were kept on a disused platform. The other platform was an air raid shelter with live concerts and people sleeping on the track.The tube was re-opened in 1946.

 The single operating platform with train c1980s.

 Plain exterior today without news or ticket kiosks. With architect Leslie Green’s original half-moon window and ox-red tiles from 1907, a flat roof allowed for office buildings above.

 Original ticket office fully restored for a film.

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