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 The wife of King George III, HM Queen Charlotte’s Coat of Arms is in great condition, sitting on the entablature as it did in 1817.

Hazle modelled this Chemist for its classic Palladian style in 1991. More themes ensued. Retro sweets, often hand made and sold in olde-worlde shops, have become very popular.

 Argyle Street is part of Bath’s extensive 1700s rebuilding in the local quarried stone. Jane Austen walked past to the city when she lived at 4 Sydney Place in 1801-4.

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Hazle Ceramics
Sweet Shop
on Bath Chemist
With added ice cream cone
Queen Charlotte was attended by a Surgeon-Apothecary deployed at this chemist in 1817. Staying twice at lavish 93 Sydney Place for the famed Bath Spa waters, she died the next year in London.

HM Queen Charlotte was visited by a Surgeon-Apothecary based here in 1817. She resided twice at the lavish 93 Sydney Place to take Bath’s famous spa waters. The Queen died in London,1818.

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 A J Hale took over in 1826. The frontage has a heavy entablature over four Ionic columns.

 Sweets originally from the 1950s

 Chemists had tiled adverts such as this one, for the headache potion Sea Breeze, from Leicester in 1903.

 This 1827 “Oldest Sweet Shop in the World” was validated by Guiness World Records in 2014. Built in 1661 near the top of Pateley Bridge High Street in Yorkshire, it still sells items by weight! Sadly it was unsuitable for Hazle to model.

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