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The Turkey Cafe

Hazle found this while visiting Thomas Cook in Leicester c1999. The Turkey Cafe at 24 Granby Street has an original Art Nouveau front she couldn’t resist! It was designed by architect Arthur Wakerley in 1901 for restaurateur John Winn, who owned other themed cafes. Interior and exterior tiling was made by William Neatby at Doulton Pottery in Lambeth. It is painted as a cafe cum “Turkish” sauna with ladies events, rather than the opticians there at that time!

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Hazle Ceramics
The Turkey Cafe
on Leicester Turkey Cafe
Prototype and Ist off Mster Mould lare: circa 220 cast 2000-3

£75.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Ornately iced in the cafe’s style, were these teatime treats for the re-opening party in 2014?

 Restored in 2014, it is now also known as “1901” - the building’s date.

 The exterior colours when Hazle painted this.

 One of two bars serving cocktails. The 7 metre mural behind dated 1968 was uncovered during restoration in 2014, as were floor tiles from 1901.

 Detailed turkey from the mural’s mosaic tiles.

 One of two splendid turkeys over the entrance, seen on ceramic too.

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