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Victoria & Albert

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 The left side of this busy bar with etched glass mirrors reflecting the light.

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Pub Names
A monarch’s name means loyalty to the Crown. From 1603 King James VI of Scotland was also James I of England as the son of Mary Queen of Scots, a cousin to the late Queen Elizabeth I. The Red Lion of Scotland was put on English public buildings and 630 pubs, including this model! Victoria & Albert is a rarer name, as a pub and ceramic.

Hazle Ceramics
Victoria & Albert
on London Red Lion
Victoria married her first cousin Prince Albert in 1840 and they had 9 children. After Albert died in 1861 she avoided public life for a long time. Victoria died in 1901 with over 63 years as Queen.

 2 Duke of York Street SW1. The heraldic lion is upright or “rampant”!

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 This V&A pub is part of London‘s Marylebone Station. The only other known V&A is in a country cottage at Netherhampton, near Salisbury.

 The main bar’s right side at Xmas. Built in 1821, this CAMRA Historic Pub Interior has very well-preserved Georgian mahogany and decorative glass.

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