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The Village Charity Shop

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 Iona was inspired by painted walls in the Notting Hill area.

 First UK charity shop in 1942 at 17 Broad Street in Oxford, with a gift shop and collecting centre.

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Hazle Ceramics
Village Charity Shop
on Oxford Oxfam LE2000
Hazle Millennium Series
Limited Mould 1 of 1000
First issued in Spring 2001,
a few were Village Charity Shops with modern items by Sharon Stroud in 2003. Said to be the only mustard one.

The initial aim to was relieve Greek famine in 1942 caused by Nazi German occupation and Allied naval blockades. The first paid employee Joe Mitty was at this store from 1949, selling anything donated and making it into a national chain. By the 1960s the focus was long term development work. Marketing handicrafts via Fair Trade is a global enterprise.Oxfam still responds to world crisis as it happens.

 This modern Oxfam is on the original site. Hazle copied the left side with its modelled stone work between the two upper windows, missing on the right. In the heart of Oxford, Broad Street also known as The Broad, is much seen in TV’s Inspector Morse, Lewis and Endeavour.

£65.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Oxfam also has specialist shops such as Books & Music stores. Around 9,000 catalogued books are offered online too.

 The Beatles encouraged donations to the charity in their glory days of 1963, using the Oxfam slogan “No Child Should Die From Hunger”.

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