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Year of the Rabbit

 Chinese lanterns at paperlanternstore.com.

This Spice and Lantern Emporium is the first in a Chinese Series based on London’s China Town. For fun, themes have one of 12 zodiac animals that mark a Chinese New Year. The rabbit is really a hare, as China has no native rabbits but seven hare species. No ceramics have “unlucky” 4s, with just 36 in the LP50!

 The rabbit is the 4th animal in the 12 year cycle and is a lucky sign. Rabbit people are said to be quiet, private and likeable. They enjoy the company of friends and entertaining at home, with oriental spices! It is a Chinese custom to light lanterns on special occasions, particularly New Year.

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Hazle Ceramics
Year of the Rabbit
& Oriental Spices
Limited Painting 36/50
on Canterbury Burgate

China Town Series 1

The Chinese Zodiac
Much of Chinese philosophy is based on the five elements and their interactions with natural phenomena. Wood, fire, Earth, metal and water link with the five planets: Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Venus and Mercury. The elements are assigned in turn to each of the 12 animals to make a 60 year cycle. In the Chinese Zodiac your birth year is not your age but your position in the cycle. Animal
traits as well as Yin and Yang and the elements combine to determine “good” and “bad” years or luck. The Chinese use this as a tool to predict destiny.

£59.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 In addition to Metal, 2011 is Year of the Golden Rabbit. The Rabbit symbolises the Moon and this year the wish-granting aspect of the Sun and Moon combined multiplies. Gazing into the Full Moon outside increases the benefits!

 Ginger jars: used for spices in window above.

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