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Year of the Rat

Being born in the Chinese Year of the Rat is said to be auspicious and being related is enviable. A Rat is reputedly courageous, enterprising and self-sufficient - practical traits for marine salvage! Rats were also found on old ships. So this is aptly paired with the Nanking Cargo Auction House.

 Reconstruction of the original Geldermalsen ship from The Model Shipyard at stephens-kenau.com.

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 One of 107 22ct bars at 370g each, part of the massive Chinese gold haul. A bar resold in 2006 by Christie’s Amsterdam for $9,983.

Hazle Ceramics
Year of the Rat
& Cargo Auction
Limited Painting 36/50
on London Paxton’s
Altered Mould on fascia

 Nanking porcelain dinner service with riverscape c1750, 154 pieces. Resold by Christie’s New York in 2001 for $41,125.

Nanking Cargo Auction
In 1985 UK marine salvor Mike Hatcher found the Geldermalsen wreck in South China Sea. Built in 1746, this Dutch East India Company ship sank in 1752 after twice running aground. The huge gold haul and over 150,000 items of quality Nanking Ware porcelain were sold by Christie’s Amsterdam in 1986. The Chinese government failed to find a legal way to get the cargo back. Then the two bidders they sent could not afford a single starting price. Hatcher received US$20million.

Chinatown Series No 3

£62.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Several Nanking figures with original lot numbers.

 The Rat is the first animal in the 12 year Chinese Zodiac, coming up again in 2020.

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