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13 January 2018

Welcome To Our Hazle Ceramics Site!

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This blog supplements our main site where our Ceramics section has an individual feature page for every ceramic offered with extra photos and background info. Click here for Ceramics. Follow Us above or register with Hazle News on our Contact Form.

We sell genuine Hazle Ceramics and have a long standing relationship with Hazle. Our linked site Hazle Ceramics Guide covers the three “Cyber” Signings we helped to create then ran for Hazle. She also wrote a 15th Anniversary letter to the Hazle eGroup. Both have links under Events on the Site Map. There are comments from Hazle’s partner Stephen on the site too.

11 May 2016

Shakespeare’s Birthplace

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As part of the 400 Years Celebration of Shakespeare’s Legacy from his death in 1616, Hazle has modelled his Birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon as a 3D Moneybox. It is too long and low to be a flatback ceramic. We wanted this to be on APoB and it doesn’t fit in our standard Streets! Click on the ceramic for an informative feature page – and an ordering button for those who wish to buy.

28 March 2016

New Series: Streets by Trade

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We started developing this idea in 2015, Hazle’s 25th Anniversary, as another way of looking at Hazle History. A lot of the trades and professions portrayed by Hazle Ceramics have been painted in diverse ways on different buildings. We thought it would be interesting to build streets with as many examples of the same trade we could find.

boots-950 pharmacy2 apothecary-9 bootsthechemist-3 chemist1 cjreid-1

One early and popular business was the Chemist shop in 1991 and Chemistry is our first street. Apart from the Chemist itself, with a Hazle rather than Hazle Boyles front, all the other examples are retired. Some have one piece for sale and some do not.

Further examples are likely to include Toytown, A Yard of Ale, Any Old Irons and much more. Only six ceramics fit on an APoB street so some trades will need several! It takes time to develop feature pages for every ceramic so the next one could be a while… We plan to keep a record of the streets on this blog.

14 January 2016

Update: Hazle’s 25th Anniversary

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As well as the 17 Livery Companies which have their own update, these are the other four ceramics that Hazle released in 2015 – making 21 Anniversary pieces in total. More…

11 January 2016

Update for the Livery Companies

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As part of their 25th Anniversary in 2015, Hazle Ceramics created 17 Livery Companies, most of them showing a part of London’s history. The majority are Limited Paintings of 25, the intricate Skinners and Security Companies are just LP5s and the Christmas Set trio are LP30s. More…

1 May 2015

25th Anniversary

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Hazle started selling her ceramics way back in January 1990 on a freezing stall in Covent Garden. So this is her 25th Anniversary! Congratulations Hazle and thank you for continuing to make these amazing creations that have brought pleasure to so many. In January I spent an afternoon with Hazle and some of her lovely staff including Nicci, Iona, Carol and not forgetting Hazle’s partner Stephen. More…

1 August 2014

World War 1 Post Office

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Hazle has issued a Limited Painting of 30 on the blue Post Office to mark the start of World War 1 on 4th August 1914 in this commemorative centenary year. There are references to poppies, Tommies (British soldiers) and War Minister Lord Kitchener. One of the Recruiting Offices he was responsible for is on the first floor. Click here to view the page. More…

10 April 2014

Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen

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For lovers of London, Jamie or both… Since 2002, every year 15 disadvantaged 16-24 year olds are trained to become chefs by professionals who run a real restaurant for paying customers. As the building is akin to Hazle’s Penhaligon’s model, that is being used. In 2012 Jamie got many votes in an ideas survey. The edition size is only 15 so please don’t delay if you want it. Click here for our feature page. More…

18 January 2014

London China Town

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Year of the Horse

Something highly innovative you will never see the like of anywhere else! Hazle Ceramics like to extend the boundaries of what they create and Hazle has always wanted a series of Chinese shops. Many stores in Central London’s Chinatown are located in period buildings so these ceramics are perfect to portray them. Another fun twist is relating each painted theme to one of the 12 zodiac animals that the Chinese feature in turn when celebrating their New Year. More…

14 January 2014

Ginger & Pickles: Another Fast Sell-Out

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Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Ginger & Pickles from 1909 was based on the former village shop in Near Sawrey where her old home Hill Top can be visited. Many earlier characters reappear as customers. In Hazle’s version Peter Rabbit is at the door and three cats are in the window, as per the book. The ceramic also features Squirrel Nutkin and Old Brown, the owl he tormented! Jemima Puddleduck is on the side. It’s not difficult to understand the appeal for collectors… More…

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