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15 January 2013

Two eBay Results in 2012

Filed under: Investment — marilyn @ 09:35

The advice when choosing collectables, including from expert Eric Knowles, is to buy what you like. However for any collector owning something of value is an attractive idea. Hazles first appeared on eBay in 2003 when many retired values were high, before recessionary pressures set in. Two good prices, which may be the start of a revival, are analysed on the following criteria:

1) Rarity and 2) Appeal 1) Rarity and 2) Appeal
3) Altered mould or add ons 3) Type of painted details
4) Real-life shop/own model 4) Real-life shop
mapsandcharts-10 mapsandchartscrop

Sold at an eBay Auction in 2012 for £239. Antiquarian Maps & Charts, Limited Painting of 10 on Hay-on-Wye. Painted in 2003 as a Signing Special.

This charming building is not particularly rare but it is very prettily painted. The chief attraction is of course the lovely, appropriately coloured details in the main windows. The only other map theme has been the spectacular Mappa Mundi, which was also beautifully portrayed, a low edition painting and very popular. One could say that maps are a global interest theme in every sense of the world! To summarise, the investment factors here are the appeal of the building and theme, the rarity of the theme and the quality and content of the painted details.

liberty-1 libertycrop

Sold at eBay Auction in 2012 for £385. Liberty Art Nouveau, Limited Painting of 8 on London Liberty, for Hazle’s 15th Anniversary in 2005. Painted on newly-discovered old bisques, with around 100 cast from 1991-92, making this a rare model.

One Event theme was Art Nouveau and this painting is a Retrospective on this, known in Italy as Stile Liberty! The Tree of Life tapestry shows the influence of the Arts & Crafts Movement that preceded Art Nouveau. When Arthur Liberty started in 1874 he employed many Arts & Crafts and Art Nouveau designers to develop the style. The company is still famous for modern and vintage Art Nouveau fabrics, so this theme goes to the heart of its entire history!

The earlier Regent Street shop has now gone. Hazle’s model is from nearby Tudor House built in 1924 during a Tudor revival from the timbers of two ships, HMS Impregnable and HMS Hindustan. The main shopfront runs the entire length of the latter former vessel! Arthur wanted the interior to be similar to a home with large circular staircases opening onto smaller rooms, all timber-framed. This real life shop on its own building just happens to be a worldwide icon both for the store and its cutting-edge design combined with tradition.

When Hazle started in 1990 simply creating the innovative buildings was a huge achievement. Over time the painting has also assumed greater importance and these eight pieces are painted to a higher standard than those from the early 1990s. In fact, apart from there being no altered mould or add-ons, this ceramic ticks all the boxes on both sides of the table.


Comment by victor — 27 January 2013 @ 09:04

If I am buying at the original price and really like something I go by that rather than whether it is an open or limited edition. However if I was bidding at auction these criteria might help me decide how high to go… Wish I’d been at the events that had those pieces!

Comment by marilyn — 2 February 2013 @ 09:40

Hi Victor, There tend to be fewer events but the majority of ceramics are advertised on the web as well now. If more than 8 old Liberty bisques had been found they would have been painted, as there was great demand. In recent years the lowest Limited Paintings have tended to be around 20-30, although occasionally an LP10 or 15 is created.

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