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18 January 2014

London China Town

Filed under: Ceramics — marilyn @ 12:14

Something highly innovative you will never see the like of anywhere else! Hazle Ceramics like to extend the boundaries of what they create and Hazle has always wanted a series of Chinese shops. Many stores in Central London’s Chinatown are located in period buildings so these ceramics are perfect to portray them. Another fun twist is relating each painted theme to one of the 12 zodiac animals that the Chinese feature in turn when celebrating their New Year.

2012 Year of Dragon Chinese Zodiac Year of the Horse

The first six are below – the Years of the Snake, Rabbit, Rat, Dragon, Monkey and Horse. The Year of the Horse started on 31 January 2014 and is painted as a Chinese Restaurant where you can eat like one! Three more, the Years of the Tiger, Goat and Rooster can also be found in our London streets here. It is possible to buy any of these 8 here but some of the Limited Paintings only have a few numbers left… The Years of the Pig, Ox and Dog are still to come.

Year of the Snake Year of the Rabbit Year of the Rat Year of the Dragon Year of the Monkey Year of the Horse


Comment by chinatown — 21 November 2012 @ 08:14

Wow – a series named after me!!! Every piece is so different. Can’t wait to see the rest…

Comment by Denise — 20 January 2013 @ 07:06

Wow too – I am really hoping that all 12 will be made, I have my cabinet maker on standby to make a frame for them all, just waiting to see if there will be 4 ends or just the 2 ends before I proceed that much further. Fingers crossed, it would be nice to see a Chinese drycleaners or a wax museum front. In my home town in Australia, Bendigo I have grown up with Chinese history from the goldfields days, we have a festival every Easter with the Chinese taking a huge part in it every year.

Comment by marilyn — 2 February 2013 @ 10:21

Hi Denise, It looks like your wish is granted! The four new Chinese ceramics are selling well and the plan is to paint all the animals in the 12 year cycle! There will probably only be the two corner pieces as above – but you had better keep your cabinet maker on standby until the buildings list is set. I don’t think your suggested themes have made the shortlist. That has happened to some of my ideas too… All themes are chosen to reflect what is likely be found in a UK Chinatown and for widest appeal.

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