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1 May 2015

25th Anniversary

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Hazle started selling her ceramics way back in January 1990 on a freezing stall in Covent Garden. So this is her 25th Anniversary! Congratulations Hazle and thank you for continuing to make these amazing creations that have brought pleasure to so many. In January I spent an afternoon with Hazle and some of her lovely staff including Nicci, Iona, Carol and not forgetting Hazle’s partner Stephen. I had brought some ideas for the last 3 pieces in the Chinatown series. Two of these are now at the prototype stage and all three should be completed this year.

Hazle’s first Anniversary piece is Hazle’s Ceramic Tea Party LP25 on a new building based on the Alice (in Wonderland) Gift Shop in Oxford. This is on display in our first street Classic Themes. There is now a waiting list as some ceramics are reserved but not paid for. You can add your name via our Contact page. The forthcoming Royal Baby ceramic will also be on this building.


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Comment by hazlenut — 1 May 2015 @ 14:07

I am so glad that Hazle has continued all this time and goes on bringing out new and innovative ceramics. Many congratulations and thank you from me too.

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