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11 January 2016

Update for the Livery Companies

Filed under: Ceramics, Front Page — marilyn @ 09:58

As part of their 25th Anniversary in 2015, Hazle Ceramics created 17 Livery Companies, most of them showing a part of London’s history. The majority are Limited Paintings of 25, the intricate Skinners and Security Companies are just LP5s and the Christmas Set trio are LP30s.

For now the first three and last three ceramics have feature pages. You can click on the others for full-size images but we aim to aid the features too, as time allows.

Grocers CompanyVinters & BrewersHackney Carriage DriversGoldsmiths CompanySecurity CompanySkinners Company

Above from left to right: The Grocers Company, Vintners & Brewers, The Hackney Carriage Drivers, Goldsmiths Company, the Security Professionals and The Skinners.

Fishmongers HallGunmakers CompanyInternational BankersIronmongers CompanyHaberdashers CompanyStationers Hall

Above from left to right: Fishmongers Hall, The Gunmakers Company, International Bankers, The Ironmongers Company, The Haberdashers & Merchant Taylors and Stationers Hall.

Mercers CompanyPewterers Hall                                  Xmas Pud MakersCompany of Elves

Above from left to right, the last two of the original 14: The Mercers Company and Pewterers Hall. All these ceramics are priced at £99.50 with our usual Free Worldwide Postage.

Hazle then created a 2015 Christmas Set of 3, with a second, festive Hackney Carriage Drivers piece and, just for fun, two spoof Livery Companies: Christmas Pudding Makers and the Company of Elves! These are all priced at £120 each. Contact us for special offers if you wish to buy 2 or 3.

Please let us know via our Contact Page if you would like to buy or reserve anything.


Comment by Lynn Wooten-Bartee — 1 July 2015 @ 23:02

I like the Fishmonger, The Grocery and Vintners/Brewers. The detailed painting is quite fine. Can we do a layaway on them? Thanks!

Comment by admin — 2 July 2015 @ 09:17

Hi Lynn, Thanks for your comment. We are just about to start displaying some of these on our main Ceramics page with more to follow ASAP. The feature pages for them will follow too. Yes, as with all our ceramics you can do Layaway on these pieces. Just confirm what you want on our Contact Page (with a link just above these comments) plus the instalment £ and frequency and the date you would like to start – all as per the simple instructions on the page. We will then send you a clickable link to begin on that date. Regards, Marilyn

Comment by marilyn — 5 April 2016 @ 11:05

Hazle Ceramics have run out of some Livery pieces above including the Fishmongers Hall, Skinners, Security Professionals, Stationers and Goldsmiths. We have very limited stock of some of the others. If there is anything you want please order as soon as possible, on Layaway if you wish.

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