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14 January 2016

Update: Hazle’s 25th Anniversary

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As well as the 17 Livery Companies which have their own update, these are the other four ceramics that Hazle released in 2015 – making 21 Anniversary pieces in total.

Hazle's Tea Party Hazle’s Ceramic Tea Party

Hazle’s 25th coincided with the 150th Anniversary of the publication of Alice in Wonderland in 1865. The real Alice Gift Shop in Oxford was once a grocery store visited by Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll), Alice and her sisters to buy sweets. Along with other features from the two Alice books, this was the inspiration for a new model used for Hazle’s official Anniversary Limited Painting of 25.

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Princess Charlotte Princess Charlotte

The imminent arrival of William and Kate’s second child, born on 2nd May 2015, had been much publicised. Based on a famous children’s story with the modelled character of Humpty Dumpty, the new Alice model was deemed in advance to be ideal for a new Royal baby, boy or girl. Decked out in pink, this Toy Shop was a Limited Painting of 66, just like Prince George’s Toys in 2013.

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Post Office / Princess Charlotte Princess Charlotte Post Office

Painted a companion piece to Princess Charlotte above, Post Offices were once an important and often only way to learn of such news.

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Curiouser & Curiouser Curiouser & Curiouser

This was issued as a Christmas piece in 2015, as the final offering of the year on the theme of Alice in Wonderland which was published for Christmas 1865.

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