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28 March 2016

New Series: Streets by Trade

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We started developing this idea in 2015, Hazle’s 25th Anniversary, as another way of looking at Hazle History. A lot of the trades and professions portrayed by Hazle Ceramics have been painted in diverse ways on different buildings. We thought it would be interesting to build streets with as many examples of the same trade we could find.

boots-950 pharmacy2 apothecary-9 bootsthechemist-3 chemist1 cjreid-1

One early and popular business was the Chemist shop in 1991 and Chemistry is our first street. Apart from the Chemist itself, with a Hazle rather than Hazle Boyles front, all the other examples are retired. Some have one piece for sale and some do not.

Further examples are likely to include Toytown, A Yard of Ale, Any Old Irons and much more. Only six ceramics fit on an APoB street so some trades will need several! It takes time to develop feature pages for every ceramic so the next one could be a while… We plan to keep a record of the streets on this blog.

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Comment by hazlenut — 29 March 2016 @ 08:10

I like this idea and it is great to view images of ceramics I haven’t seen before.

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