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17 January 2013

What Makes a Good Collectable?

Filed under: Investment — marilyn @ 16:36
Hazle Improving the Mould

In 2008 Collect it! magazine said collectables with craftsmanship, classic design and nostalgia made the best investments. We think Hazle Ceramics deliver on all three counts:

1. Craftsmanship
Hazle Boyles began this cottage industry in 1990 with the cat dodging drying models in her flat! More…

15 January 2013

Two eBay Results in 2012

Filed under: Investment — marilyn @ 09:35

The advice when choosing collectables, including from expert Eric Knowles, is to buy what you like. However for any collector owning something of value is an attractive idea. Hazles first appeared on eBay in 2003 when many retired values were high, before recessionary pressures set in. Two good prices, which may be the start of a revival, are analysed on the following criteria: More…

24 October 2012

Hazle Ceramics on ITV’s This Morning

Filed under: Investment — marilyn @ 09:45

Did you know that Hazle Ceramics were shown on TV by Eric Knowles, an Antiques Roadshow expert and presenter on many other collector programmes? In an Investing in Collectables series, Eric said they were a wonderful range of miniature pottery buildings. There are many other comments from Eric given at different times and events in our About section. More…

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