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20 August 2013

Prince George’s Toys: The Fastest Selling Ceramic Ever

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This sold out in virtually 24 hours. Hazle wanted to do something special for William and Kate’s new baby. For the first time she created a “fairytale” model using features from St Albans. The only aspect not from the town was the fascia from the Ginger & Pickles shop front by Beatrix Potter that formed a crown. A personal Toy and Sweet Shop with secret passages and treasure is every child or inner child’s fantasy and linked to a very popular Royal event made it irresistible! More…

17 January 2013

What Makes a Good Collectable?

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Hazle Improving the Mould

In 2008 Collect it! magazine said collectables with craftsmanship, classic design and nostalgia made the best investments. We think Hazle Ceramics deliver on all three counts:

1. Craftsmanship
Hazle Boyles began this cottage industry in 1990 with the cat dodging drying models in her flat! More…

16 January 2013

Olympic Sailmakers Update

Filed under: Ceramics — marilyn @ 08:42

The feature page for our Hazle Ceramics Sailmakers is now updated to mark the UK’s Ben Ainslie making history to become the greatest-ever Olympic in the endurance sport of sailing, with one silver and then four gold medals across five consecutive Olympic Games. For those with the original page, we will add the new page to any ceramics order. Request via Terms & Contact on the main Menu above. It will be included with any new orders. More…

15 January 2013

Two eBay Results in 2012

Filed under: Investment — marilyn @ 09:35

The advice when choosing collectables, including from expert Eric Knowles, is to buy what you like. However for any collector owning something of value is an attractive idea. Hazles first appeared on eBay in 2003 when many retired values were high, before recessionary pressures set in. Two good prices, which may be the start of a revival, are analysed on the following criteria: More…

1 November 2012

Hazle Ceramics for the Diamond Jubilee

Filed under: Ceramics — marilyn @ 11:08

Here is a small clickable selection of the many pieces for this wonderful year of events! Hazle created one new model for Windsor Guildhall, a building that The Queen unusually visited twice within a few months, and many models were repainted for the Jubilee High Street 2012. These are now sold out but may reappear on the site as retired ceramics, subject to availability. More…

31 October 2012


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We offer a free and flexible Layaway service on any ceramics using PayPal’s regular payment facility. Having selected your ceramic/s you choose the instalment amount and frequency. Change your plan, add new ceramics or cancel for a full refund on unsent pieces. Be able to access your complete Layaway details. Click here for more information in Terms & Contact. More…

30 October 2012

New for Autumn 2012

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Colman's Painting

1. A new model for Colman’s Fish & Chips, recently on TV’s Great British Food Heroes.
2. A new painting for Jane Austen, who would have known this building in central Bath.
3. A new model of Maunder’s, this 1600s shop was a magnet for artists including Whistler.

24 October 2012

Hazle Ceramics on ITV’s This Morning

Filed under: Investment — marilyn @ 09:45

Did you know that Hazle Ceramics were shown on TV by Eric Knowles, an Antiques Roadshow expert and presenter on many other collector programmes? In an Investing in Collectables series, Eric said they were a wonderful range of miniature pottery buildings. There are many other comments from Eric given at different times and events in our About section. More…

18 July 2012

Hazle Ceramics Dombey & Son

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Now on site is a retired ceramic of Dombey & Son, one of a special series for the Hazle Ceramics Dickens Event 2003 attended by Cedric Charles Dickens. Published in 1848, Dickens’ first great novel has Florence Dombey as its heroine. The feature page has more photos plus a plot summary. More…

14 December 2011

Hazle Ceramics Charles Dickens Set

Filed under: Ceramics — marilyn @ 09:33

Issued in time for Christmas 2011 but really created to celebrate the bicentennial of Dickens’ birth on 7th February 2012. As referred to on their feature pages, the paintings in this set cover aspects from seven Dickens’ novels and one Sketch of London. Click on the ceramics for their APoB feature. As of January 2014 only the Dickens Museum is still available. More…

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