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Victorian Apothecary

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 Little changed since the Brontes era, the family would have walked to this village store from Haworth Parsonage.

 Old bottles and cosmetics jars on a shelf.

On 84 Main Street in Haworth, this was an apothecary when the literary Brontes lived there in the 1800s. Restored by the beauty apothecary Rose & Co, antique shop fittings, enamel signs and old glass counters evoke a Victorian dispensary again. Some products are still made to Dr Rose’s original recipes.

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Hazle Ceramics
Victorian Apothecary
Limited Painting of 15
on Liverpool M&S
Hazle’s Millennium Series
One of only few specials on
M&S in low edition paintings

£135 Worldwide
With Free Postage

 Branwell’s painting with sisters from left: Anne, Emily and Charlotte Bronte.

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 Victorians loved violets. Above, scented soap cake.

 Original drawers are a perfect backdrop for these modern bath and beauty products.

 Mustard Bath and Footbath Salts are made to Dr Rose’s Apothecary recipes.

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