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Balthazar’s Baubles

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Once glass balls for Christmas trees, baubles now include many shapes and figures. Made at Lauscha in Germany since 1847, they were first introduced in the UK by Prince Albert. Their popularity soared when the Illustrated London News showed a woodcut of Queen Victoria’s decorated Christmas tree in 1848.

 An illuminated nativity scene.

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Hazle Ceramics
Balthazar’s Baubles
Rare Limited Mould of 50
on Canterbury Priest’s
Mould altered for title
With added 22ct gold

£55.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

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 Journey of the Magi by Tissot. Some artists portray Arab dress as above, not Persian as below.

 Vintage baubles 1900-1950.

The Three Kings
Appearing only in Matthew 2, who simply says the wise men are “from the east” and follow a star to worship the Christ “born King of the Jews”. As three gifts are recorded, it has been assumed there were three Magi. Gold symbolises kingship, frankincense is for priesthood and myrrh is both an anointing and embalming oil. Epiphany on 6 January is the traditional date of their visit.

 From left: Melchior (frankincense) Caspar (gold crown), Balthazar (myrrh).

 Canterbury Cathedral tree trinkets.

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