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Bear Necessities

Issued in 1998 for Raffles, a Hazle stockist selling bears. Until 2002 it was the place to get well, be restuffed, book picnics or find a new home! The Teddy Bear Cop over the doorway is from a US charity - firemen and police give bears to traumatised children.

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Hazle Ceramics
Bear Necessities
on Windsor Curfew Yard
V rare fully hand painted ceramic
Due to the detail most had decals
The windows are Chris McAllister’s

 Built in 1547 this store has won a Civic Award for restoration. Oliver Cromwell signed Charles I’s Death Warrant here. The King was later beheaded in London in 1649. An ancient tunnel in the basement ran via a portcullis into the Curfew Tower dungeons of Windsor Castle.

£175 Worldwide
With Free Postage

 “Drawing the Line in Mississippi”, a 1902 Washington Post cartoon. The US President Theodore Roosevelt refused to shoot a bear caught for him. Morris Michtom then made “Teddy’s Bears” with Roosevelt’s permission.

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Teddy Bear History
Morris Michtom in the USA and Richard Steiff in Germany both created bears in 1902. By 1906 a craze had begun. 1950s mass production in the Far East saw off older makers. In the 1970s bears emerged as collectables by “teddy bear artists”. A 1907 Teddy Bear Two-Step tune got lyrics in 1932, becoming the Teddy Bears’ Picnic song. Still popular, annual picnics are held worldwide for charity.

 A Steiff bear. Brands include Pudsey, Sooty and Rupert. Winnie the Pooh and Paddington are here. 

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