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The Great British Bakery

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The Kitchen Shop’s new passion for baking is inspired by The Great British Bake-Off TV Show. Members of the public are judged by veteran TV cake maker Mary Berry and master baker Paul Hollywood. A series below from 2013 began with 16 celebrities vying to be Star Baker and raise money for Comic Relief’s annual fund-raising Red Nose Day.

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Hazle Ceramics
The Great British Bakery
Comic Relief Bake-Off
Limited Painting of 50
on Sidmouth

 Mary Berry’s strawberry red nose tarts for Red Nose Day.

£69.50 Worldwide
With Free Postage

 British comedian Jo Brand in the Comic Relief tent with TV presenter Andy Akinwolere.

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Comic Relief
This star-studded charity began in 1985 in response to Ethiopian famine by the comedian Lenny Henry and film writer Richard Curtis. All donations go to UK or developing world causes, with operating costs paid for by corporate sponsors. Urgent needs and the roots of poverty and injustice are addressed. Over a £billion has been raised up to 2015.

 Mary’s carrot cake muffins contain a surprise sweet cream cheese filling. Viewers can bake
them for fund-raising using the Comic Relief Bake-Off cookbook.

 Ugandan Sarah lost a baby due to malaria. Here she and her family celebrate receiving a mosquito net from the Comic Relief Fund.

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